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About Heritage


Heritage Premium Assignment Company was founded in 2003 by Gary M. Fate who has accumulated over 25 years experience in the finance and insurance field. HPAC specializes in providing insurance agents with premium financing for their clients. We answer the first two questions the client will ask about down payment and monthly payments by meeting their needs. HPAC provides the agent with a way to reduce the down payment and lower the monthly payments while making the agent more profitable.

Heritage, located just east of the Dallas metroplex services Texas and Colorado, and has been established as a broker of premium finance companies building on the strengths of long established financial institutions. Agency partners can check a single account or their whole portfolio online any time in real time. You can make payments for your clients 24/7.

This alliance with some of the best premium finance companies in the industry has allowed Heritage to focus on what they do best, developing service oriented relationships.


Gary Fate has over 25 years of experience in insurance and premium finance. He has always enjoyed working with people and providing solutions that others could not. Excellent customer service is the highest priority for HPAC. When he graduated from University of Tulsa with a bachelor's degree in business, his love was in marketing. 

Linda Fate has been in the customer service and relationship building fields most of her career. She has over 10 years of premium financing experience. She enjoys meeting new agents and learning about the needs of their clients. While working full time, Linda completed her master's degree in business at Lindenwood University.



Adam McCroskie, graduated from Texas A&M Commerce, is applying the knowledge he gained with his Bachelor degree in Finance to Heritage clients. Working in the service industry during his studies, he is prepared to merge the two experiences in a career that allows him to use his finance knowledge and customer care abilities to help his agents be more profitable with premium financing. He received his CISR designation in 2017.

Sarah Yeakle has years of experience in sales support. Her attention to detail helps to insure that finance contracts are correct and applicable terms are being applied. Being raised in Garland, Sarah has lived in Texas all of her life. Sarah enjoys working with agents and helping to meet their finance needs.

Increasing ProfitabilityIncreasing Profitability

Due to our volume and relationshop with our providers we are able to offer competitive rates and favorable terms to our agents. We are also able to take advantage of the latest premium finance technologies utilizing their online quoting and agency services.

A team is assigned to handle your accounts so that you will always have someone familiar with your agency making sure everything is taken care of. We at Heritage Premium Assignment Company are always ready to assist you in building your agency business and increasing profitability through premium finance.

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