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Getting to Know Our Team

Gary Fate, founder of HPAC

Gary Fate, President and Founder of Heritage Premium

Gary founded Heritage Premium in 2003, drawing on his diverse experience in marketing and sales during over 30 years in insurance and financing. Heritage Premium is acknowledged as a leading premium finance provider and ranked in the Top 10 of licensed finance companies in Texas. Gary specializes in "out of the box" thinking to provide solutions to issues facing our agency partners. His superior customer relationship skills provide your agency with the best solutions for your situations. A graduate of the University of Tulsa with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business, and major in marketing and management, Gary’s love has always been marketing.

Gary can be contacted for information on how to sign up for our personalized services which provide premium financing services and increase your agency’s profitability.

Gary Fate
Bus: 972-772-2704
Direct: 214-763-4291
Fax: 1-469-716-6134
Email: gary@hpactx.com

Adam McCroskie Director of Marketing for HPAC

Adam McCroskie, Director of Marketing

Adam graduated from Texas A&M-Commerce with a Bachelor's Degree in Finance, and brings that knowledge plus his enthusiasm for customer care and teamwork to Heritage Premium.

In his over 6 years with Heritage, Adam has shown not only excellent sales ability but has exhibited leadership qualities that are being put to good use. He applies his financial knowledge and service abilities to his work for Heritage Premium's agency partners. Adam has had his Certified Insurance Service Representative (CISR) designation since 2017. In the case of Gary's absence, Adam handles the day to day operations.

Adam McCroskie
Bus: 972-772-2704
Direct: 214-733-6368
Fax: 1-469-716-6134
Email: adam@hpactx.com

Gary Lightsey Marketing Representative for HPAC

Gary Lightsey, Marketing Representative

Gary has over 20 years of experience in the insurance industry. He began working for a premium finance company while in college and later on became a sales agent with Farmers. After 6 years with Farmers, he ventured into the wholesale side of insurance, where he met Gary Fate, and they worked side by side in underwriting and marketing. After years of exploring other areas of insurance, he has come back to his roots and as a part of Heritage is applying his experience in premium finance with the skills and abilities that he gained in marketing. All of the positions that Gary has held over the years have a common thread in customer service. His primary goal will be to provide the best customer service possible while delivering solutions to our agents for all of their premium finance needs.

Gary Lightsey
Bus: 972-772-2704
Direct: 469-626-2567
Fax: 1-469-716-6134
Email: glightsey@hpactx.com

Darolyn Madle Services Administrator of HPAC

Darolyn Madle, Quotes/Services Administrator

Darolyn joined our Heritage team in 2019 as the Quotes/Services Administrator. She draws on professional experience with over 6 years in retail insurance sales and customer service. Born in Dallas and raised in Mesquite, Darolyn returned to her home state of Texas in 2007 with her husband and four children after 17 years in Northwest Arkansas.
Darolyn finds joy in serving and helping others. She is available to efficiently assist our agency partners with quoting and processing their premium finance agreements. Darolyn looks forward to being able to take care of and meeting your agency needs.

Darolyn Madle
Direct: 713-598-9681
Fax: 1-469-716-6134
Email: quotes@hpactx.com

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