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Our Team

Gary Fate, founder of HPAC
Gary Fate

Gary founded HPAC with over 25 years of experience in both insurance and finance. He brings with him strong leadership skills which inspire the HPAC team. He has drawn on his diverse experience in marketing and sales to develop a top notch premium finance company that is ranked in the top 10 of licensed finance companies in Texas. Gary specializes in "out of the box" thinking to provide solutions to issues facing insurance agencies. His superior customer relationship skills provide your agency with the best solutions for your situations. 

Gary can be contacted for information on how to sign up for our personalized service providing premium financing and increasing your agency’s profitability.

Contact Gary Fate
Bus: 972-772-2704
Direct: 214-763-4291
Fax: 480-287-9854
Email: gary@hpactx.com

Linda Fate, co-owner of HPAC
Linda Fate

Linda joined the company in 2007 as co-owner of HPAC advises insurance agents on how to increase their profitability through premium finance. She has many years of relationship building experience. Linda visits with insurance agents and provides them with an online resource for their premium financing needs with competitive rates. She assists agents in servicing their clients by reducing down payments and lowering monthly payments.  

Contact Linda for information on how you can increase your profitability through premium financing.

Contact Linda Fate
Bus: 972-772-2704
Direct: 214-676-0919
Fax: 480-287-9854
Email: linda@hpactx.com

Adam McCroskie of HPAC
Adam McCroskie

Adam, graduated from Texas A&M Commerce with a degree in Finance, and brings knowledge and enthusiasm to the Heritage team. Through his previous hard work in a service oriented industry he has exDirected in his customer care and teamwork abilities. Adam has his CISR designation.

Adam is available to answer your questions about premium financing and is looking forward to sharing the Heritage Advantage with you.

Contact Adam McCroskie
Bus: 972-772-2704
Direct: 214-733-6368
Fax: 480-287-9854
Email: adam@hpactx.com

Sarah Yeakle of HPAC
Sarah McCroskie

Sarah joined our company in 2018 filling a new position of Quotes/Services Administrator. She was born in Garland, TX and has lived in the area all of her life. Her past work experience required her to learn advanced computer skills. Sarah quickly developed a good working knowledge of the premium finance business and has been able to step into her position with relative ease. Sarah's attention to detail has allowed her to quickly and accurately respond to requests for help on quotes.

Sarah is eager to assist our agents in completing their premium finance transactions.

Contact Sarah McCroskie
Bus: 972-772-2704
Direct: 972-369-9223
Fax: 480-287-9854
Email: quotes@hpactx.com

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